Maxwell Rushton

Born 1989

Works in London



My work can be seen as an immersion into the stark realities of capitalism or a rejection of them, sometimes at once.

Inspirations include (but limited to): the internet, Outsider Art (especially Child Art), marketing, London, branding, Fountain (1917), video, social-responsibility, celebrity culture (especially the artist-celebrity), poetry, consumerism, sex, feminism, graphic design, the market (especially the art market), Sarah Thornton, my own vanity, advertising, the human condition and the British landscape (especially the flaking paint on the wall by Marble Arch opposite Hyde Park).


Maxwell is currently finishing a larger project (TBA) whilst working on his ‘Not Nice’ series – “The pieces (in this series) appear to be speaking to the effect our culture has on the mind from a very early age onward as it perverts our natural inclinations. – Jason Holland

In his work Brand New Me, Maxwell draws attention to the pressures of capitalism on society by using 20 pints of his own blood to paint an epic-scale replica of his logo. His work Drawn Out is made from four 10 meter rolls of paper on which he drew approximately 10 million hand-drawn singular lines over a year whilst in isolation. From those works to his sculpture Left Out, which has so far been viewed over 40 million times on social media, Maxwell’s “thought-provoking” works (Huffington Post) are “causing a stir throughout the international art scene” (Lodown Magazine).





2016 – ‘Inside Out’ at Exchange – London

2014-2015 – ‘Drawn Out’ – France



2009-2012 – BA (Hons) Fine Art, Leeds College of Art, Leeds, UK (First-Class).



V&P Tassis Sculpture Award, 2016 (1st prize)

Chaiya Art Awards, 2018 (public vote)

Zealous Emerge Art Prize, 2018 (1st prize)



2016 – BSA Film Program. The “Magic City”. Headlining Feature – Left Out Documentary

Panel speaker at Exchange Residency


“Eye-opening”The True Activist

“Act of courage”Frame Magazine

“Hoofin, this guy is dope” Tom Hardy

“Thought-provoking” – Huffington Post

“Challenges our attitudes”The Big Issue

“Unconventional and Moving” – ARTiculAction

“Utterly shocking and awe-inspiring” – India Art n’Design

“Unique ability to both shock and move his audience”Arteviste