B r a n d   N e w   M e


Buy In Bleed Out



Brand New Me, 2011 – 2016

Dimensions: 330cm x 200cm

Materials: 20 pints of the artist’s blood on canvas

Over 5 years Maxwell collected 20 pints of his blood (twice volume of blood in the average human body) to paint a single logo.

The logo itself originates from a set of four lines that Maxwell repeated throughout his drawings as a child and into his adulthood. By transforming those lines into a logo for himself as an artist, he commercialises one of his most innocent artistic expression.

Maxwell explores the phycology that marketing has on the human condition by painting 20 pints of his own blood into a giant logo. The work is a blood-sacrifice in an attempt to transcend his identity into a brand.


“From milk to manhood advertising continuously filters into our lives, we can become susceptible to the conditioning that products hold the same significance as sacred artefacts or religious totems. I wanted to see how far I could take the relationship man has with the material by becoming a piece of advertising myself.”