B r a n d   N e w   M e



5 years of blood letting

20 pints of the artist’s blood

1 logo


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Brand New Me, 2011 – 2016

Dimensions: 330cm x 200cm

Materials: 20 pints of the artist’s blood on canvas

Artist’s shocking act to turn himself into a logo by using 20 pints of his own blood over 6 years – twice volume of blood in the average human body. Since 2011, Rushton has been preparing a work entitled Brand New Me in which he will turn his body into brand.

This is the artist’s most ambitious project to date. The canvas depicts a monumentally sized logo made entirely of the artist’s blood. Using blood for its connotations of worship, the work can be seen as a sacrifice of biological matter to transcend into the the metaphysical helm of the ‘brand’.

The  logo itself originates from a simple set of marks which he’s been drawing since he was a child. Adapting such innocent marks into a logo is an act of commodifying his most primal expression.



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