Maxwell Rushton

Born 1989

Working in London


2016 – ‘Inside Out’ at Exchange – London

2014-2015 – ‘Drawn Out’ – France


2009-2012 – BA (Hons) Fine Art, Leeds College of Art, Leeds, UK - First-Class


V&P Tassis Sculpture Award, 2016 - 1st prize

Chaiya Art Awards, 2018 - public vote

Zealous Emerge Art Prize, 2018 - 1st prize


2016 – BSA Film Program, The “Magic City”, Headlining Feature – Left Out Documentary

Panel speaker at Exchange Residency

“Eye-opening” – The True Activist

“Act of courage” – Frame Magazine

“Hoofin, this guy is dope” – Tom Hardy

“Thought-provoking” – Huffington Post

“Challenges our attitudes” – The Big Issue

“Unconventional and Moving” – ARTiculAction

“Utterly shocking and awe-inspiring” – India Art n’Design

“Unique ability to both shock and move his audience” – Arteviste



“This is Peppa Pig! I like this one because it’s about rain”.

- Matilda, age 4

“Pretty, beautiful because I love the lady, she’s pretty”.

- Matilda, age 4

“Cute picture, it’s got a rainbow, clouds and a mouse.”

- Matilda, age 4

“Wooaah monkey! A big monkey!”

- Raife, age 1 1/2

“Your new painting and it made me think if I just woke up and Isaw that face I'd ask it...are you lonely?”

- Pearl, age 9

“I think that there is a girl who has been stuck in the picture and has turned old on the inside, however, is still the same on the outside.”

- Pearl, age 9

“It’s about niceness.”

- Myla, age 4

“It’s about holding hands.”

- Sasha, age 8